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Closing Date: March 21, 2021

Type of Vacancy: /

Details of the Post

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified nationals of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States and Associate Members of the Caribbean Community to fill the above mentioned position in the Caribbean Community Secretariat with assigned duty station in Guyana.


Under the direction of the Deputy Secretary-General, the Deputy Programme Manager, Information and Knowledge Management is responsible for developing, enhancing, implementing and maintaining controlled protocols, processes and practices for document, knowledge and record management within the Secretariat. The incumbent will:

  1. ;
  2. Enhance Document Management processes within the Secretariat;
  1. Manage the operations of the Documentation Centre and Registry department, advancing work in core practice areas.


Candidates should possess a Graduate Degree in Information Science, Library Sciences, Information technology or related to information management and archiving, plus five (5) years of relevant and equivalent level working experience which includes the following:

  • At least three (3) years working in a management or supervisory role with responsibility for the department’s workplans, scheduling, budgeting and performance management of the team.
  • At least two (2) years analysing information from multiple corporate databases to improve decision-making.
  • At least two (2) years implementing document and/or record management processes and policy in accordance with international standards supported by training.

The experience should be gained at one or more of the following types of organizations:

  • International and regional organisations
  • National organisations
  • A Public Sector Entity (Ministries/Statutory bodies)
  • A Large Private Sector Organisation
  • A Special Library or Archive

In addition, the incumbent should have specialised qualifications or training in:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • MS Projects
  • MS Teams
  • SharePoint
  • MINISIS Application


Under the direction of the Deputy Secretary-General the Deputy Programme Manager will be required to:

  1. Key Result 1:  Develop and implement efficient and effective Knowledge Management practices to improve the flow of information in the Secretariat.

Time Utilisation: Advocacy 5% Management 8%, Technical 15%, Administrative 3%

  1. ENGAGE with Directorates and Offices to identify the type of information needed to enhance decision-making and to increase the quality of technical analysis within the Secretariat;
    1. DEVELOP a framework for knowledge management within the Secretariat including policies, procedures and templates utilising best practice knowledge management standards to introduce/enhance opportunities for knowledge sharing and dissemination;
    1. REVIEW the information collected in databases within the Secretariat and liaises with IIS to make recommendations to enable the information to be collated and integrated to support better analysis of data and to reduce duplication of effort;
    1. MAINTAIN and KEEP up to date the Secretariat’s information portals on the intranet and internet;
    1. ESTABLISH and MAINTAIN the database for reports and decisions arising from meetings of Community Organs;
    1. MAINTAIN the Secretariat’s library and MANAGE access by staff and visitors;
    1. MANAGE the budget in relation to the acquisition of information materials, supplies and equipment;
    1. PROVIDE tier I support and troubleshooting to staff and external parties seeking to access permitted Secretariat online resources;
    1. BUILD relationships, DEVELOP and FACILITATE training to sensitize and educate staff members about their responsibilities, and inspires staff to follow good knowledge management practices;
    1. CONSULT and BRIEF the Senior Management Committee as appropriate on the processes and performance of the Secretariat in relation to document control and knowledge management; and
    1. COORDINATE and SUPPORT knowledge exhibitions displays and other dissemination workshops.
  • Key Result 2Enhance Document Management processes within the Secretariat.

Time Utilisation Management 10%, Technical 15%, Administrative 3%

  • REVIEW and ASSESS the Secretariat’s document management and control processes annually and makes recommendations to the Executive for the priority of the improvements to be implemented;
    • DEVELOP a framework for the classification and categorisation of physical and electronic information within the Secretariat that is aligned to international best practice taking into consideration the current resource limitations;
    • REVIEW and UPDATE the Secretariat’s document management plan for the creation, storage, retrieval and security of information;
    • REVIEW document handling protocols, processes and practices and DEVELOP an implementable plan that can be enhanced as the Secretariat matures in document management practices;
    • PARTNER with IIS to fully utilise and integrate available technologies (e.g., SharePoint, MINISIS), and/or source and acquire appropriate technology to store, search and retrieve documents and improve accessibility in a cost-effective manner;
    • MANAGE the effective and timely declassification of documents;
    • REVIEW the Secretariat’s compliance with the document management plan annually and MAKE recommendations to EMC to increase conformity;
    • DEVELOP and FACILITATE training and other initiatives to sensitize, educate, and INSPIRE staff to follow good document management processes and protocols;
    • ENSURE the Secretariat’s access to key regional and international databases, libraries and information portals to assist in the execution of its obligations as laid out in the Treaty; and
    • COORDINATE the Secretariat’s contribution to the Digital Library of the Caribbean Project (dLOC).
  • Key Result 3Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Registry function.

Time Utilisation: Management 10%, Technical 10%, Administrative 3%

  • REVIEW and ENHANCE the framework for the management of the Secretariat’s records in accordance with international best practice, taking into consideration current resource constraints;
    • ENSURE effective mail tracking, improving the efficiency of mail receipt, and dissemination;
    • MERGE the registry function in the Office of the Secretary-General (OSG) with the Registry team without compromising the service offered to OSG;
    • EXPLORE opportunities to utilise technology to improve quality of service and increase efficiencies within the registry function;
    • FACILITATE the delivery of the Regional ISBN Programme including requests from International Agencies for complete publishers’ data to 2008;
    • MANAGE the online or in-person sale and distribution of information products (viz. Directory of Caribbean Publishers; ISBN User’s Manual; Listing of Caribbean Titles; Listing of CCS Meetings Rev edition); and
    • SENSITIZE employees about the roles and functions of Registry.
  • Key Result 4Manage the operations of the Documentation Centre and Registry department, advancing work in core practice areas.

Time Utilisation: Management 10%, Technical 5%, Administrative 3%

  • CONTRIBUTE to the preparation of the SSBP, ensuring that the Secretariat’s priorities and perspectives are integrated into the Documentation Management Centre and Registry (Doc Reg);
    • ENSURE that the annual Work Programme and budget for Doc Reg is developed, submitted, monitored and evaluated in accordance with the standards and timelines of the Secretariat;
    • ENSURE that performance objectives are set and cascaded through the department in alignment with the department’s targets, service level and operational level agreements and PROVIDE meaningful feedback on individual and team performance;
    • CONDUCT timely formal performance assessments, ANALYSE training needs, ENSURE that appropriate training and development is delivered and DEVELOP performance improvement plans where necessary;
    • MANAGE the team’s engagement levels, ensuring that the team is provided with timely and relevant information and that they receive and PROVIDE support from/to other departments to achieve the Secretariat’s goals;
    • ENSURE that well-defined procedures and processes are in place, continually reviewed to increase effectiveness and efficiency and updated based on current best practices, including process maps, templates and user manuals;
    • DRAFT and SEEK approval for appropriate governance mechanisms to ensure the compliance of the Secretariat with the agreed processes and protocols, reporting on compliance to ensure appropriate notification, escalation, where necessary recommending action to enforce compliance where appropriate;
    • CONSULT and BRIEF the Senior Management Committee as appropriate on the processes and performance of the Secretariat in relation to document control and knowledge management;
    • SUPERVISE the department to ensure compliance with the Secretariat’s code of conduct, people policies, rules and core values; and
    • ENCOURAGE and generally SUPPORT the development of a learning environment by developing the capacity of the team through coaching, training, individual development plans and the provision of expertise when team members encounter challenges.

In addition to the activities outlined above, the incumbent is expected to perform other related duties as assigned.


An attractive remuneration package will be offered.


The Officer shall be eligible for the payment of an education grant in respect of children (including step-children and legally-adopted children) who require reasonable education facilities that are not available at the assigned duty station or whose education the Officer would not want to disrupt in relocating to take up this appointment.

The grant shall apply to children under the age of twenty-three years and shall not exceed seventy-five per cent of the cost of tuition (including textbooks), room and board up to a maximum total of EC$16,200.00 per year per child for a maximum of two children at any one time. The grant is payable for a maximum of five years.


On assumption of duty in Guyana, the Officer shall be paid a settlement grant in respect of the staff member, his or her spouse and each eligible child or other approved dependent.  The number of dependents eligible for Settlement Grant shall not exceed six (6) persons.


An Officer appointed to this post may be required to participate on the CARICOM Secretariat’s Defined Contribution Pension Plan, or on contract or on secondment from a Public Service or a statutory body of a Member State or approved regional organisation. It will be subject to such regulations, rules, orders and instructions as exist and as may be introduced from time to time in respect of service with the Secretariat.

An Officer recruited from outside the assigned duty station, on first appointment, will be provided economy class air passages by the most direct route for the Officer, spouse and children (provided they are below the age of eighteen years, unmarried and dependent on the Officer) and for such other dependents not exceeding two as may be approved by the    Secretary-General, provided that the number of children and other dependents does not exceed six (6) in all.

In addition to passages, the Officer will be granted the following transportation allowances:

(i)         ocean freight charges, including insurance, for shipping personal and household effects to Guyana, not exceeding 45.3 cubic meters, plus a motor car (if the Officer already owns one);

(ii)        the cost of transporting baggage, personal and household effects from the home of the Officer to the place of embarkation and from the port of disembarkation to the place of residence in Guyana; and

  • the cost of packing and crating personal and household effects.

9.         LEAVE

The Officer will be eligible for the grant of vacation leave at the rate of twenty (20) working days a year and a leave grant after every twelve months of service in respect of the Officer, spouse and up to two dependent children.


The Officer will be granted the privileges and immunities extended to officials of the Caribbean Community in accordance with Article 8 of the Community’s Headquarters Agreement with the Government of Guyana.


Subject to your acceptance by the Secretariat’s insurance carrier, Sagicor Life Inc., the Officer will be required to participate in the Secretariat’s group health, life and accident insurance schemes. With respect to the health scheme, the Officer will contribute fifty per cent of the premium.  The life and accident insurance scheme is non-contributory.


An Officer appointed to this post will be required to participate in the Secretariat’s Defined Contribution Pension Plan and contribute 7 per cent of basic salary per month, while the Secretariat will contribute 13 percent of the Officer’s basic salary to the pension plan.  An officer appointed on contract shall, subject to his/her services being satisfactory and having completed at least six (6) months of the contractual term of employment be eligible for the payment of a gratuity.  The gratuity shall be at the rate of twenty per cent of the Officer’s basic salary, calculated for each day of completed service and shall be payable at the end of the Officer’s contractual period (including for this purpose any period of extension or approved leave).  Where the appointment is on secondment, the Secretariat will pay to the Officer’s substantive employer, over the period of secondment, a contribution not exceeding twenty-five per cent of the pensionable salary normally payable to the Officer by that employer so as to maintain the pensionable status of the Officer in the substantive employment.


Interested candidates must create a job profile and apply for the position via the                  CARICOM Secretariat’s Employment Portal. The link can be accessed at – . 14.       The deadline for the submission of applications is 21 March 2021.

Notice expires at 11:59pm on Sunday March 21st, 2021

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