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Closing Date: June 9, 2021

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The Climate Change Project Officer will work part-time on the Guyana-Norway Partnership support project and part-time in the GCF Readiness project. He/she will work closely with GGGI Guyana-based staff (Country representative, GRIF M&E Officer and GCF NDC and MRV Officer), other GGGI staff (from regional and headquarters) and GGGI consultants (like the Climate Finance and Policy international consultant), and Department of Environmental and Climate Change staff to support the implementation of GRIF-funded projects and activities and develop project pipelines, investment plans and concept notes as part of the GCF Readiness project.


The selected candidate will work across various workstreams and projects including:

  1. providing technical advice and assistance to GRIF Partner Entities and Implementing Entities to troubleshoot and advance the implementation of GRIF projects;
  2. supporting GGGI and Government of Guyana on the development of a pipeline and associated investment plans for energy and agriculture sector and to organize and oversee the capacity building for key stakeholders on project development and finance instruments.
  3. Providing capacity building to key project stakeholders,

The Climate Change Project Officer shall play a critical role in fostering collaboration among colleagues within GGGI as well as government officials and GRIF stakeholders in Guyana to gather and share Guyana’s experience and other international best practices on access to and utilization of climate finance in a project environment, bankable project preparation and project implementation, in order to increase climate finance flow in Guyana and other countries. The Climate Change Project Officer shall also actively collaborate with counterparts across the government, GCF, GGGI regional and HQ, partner organizations such as UN, IDB, World Bank and private sector stakeholders. He/she will ensure the quality of all deliverables developed by GGGI are aligned with project requirements and expectations of the Government of Guyana and Government of Norway.


The general roles and responsibilities as part of the Guyana-Norway Partnership support project include:

  • Reviewing documentation of all GRIF projects/activities in progress, conduct site visits and/or hold bilateral consultation meetings with Partner Entities, Implementing Entities and primary stakeholders to collect information and identify implementation barriers and challenges;
  • Participating in monthly meetings with project stakeholders to address implementation progress and discuss proposed ways forward for resolving any issues;
  • Preparing Decision Memos summarizing issues and outcomes of the discussions and proposed agreed actions;
  • Developing project-level recommendations to speed-up project implementation in conformity with relevant safeguards and international best practices;
  • Following-up with Partner Entities and Implementing Entities on project-level recommendations and agreed actions to speed-up project implementation;
  • Coordinating with Trustee to ensure Trustee has all the information to carry out its responsibilities.
  • Track and document lessons learnt.

The general roles and responsibilities as part of the GCF Readiness project include:

  • Leading the process and engagement of stakeholders to develop prioritized project pipelines for the Energy and Agriculture sectors based on a standardized framework. Support the development of the investment and implementation plan for the energy and agriculture pipelines to meet revised NDC targets.
  • Supporting the development of specific finance structure on selected projects and supporting preparation of concept notes for those projects;
  • Leading the capacity building on climate finance, finance instruments and project development. Organize and conduct at least 5 capacity building workshops. Follow-up with key participants from workshops to resolve questions from workshops. Identify gaps and prepare a plan for future capacity building activities;
  • Master’s or equivalent degree (or higher) in fields relevant to the described position (such as finance, environmental policy, environmental economics, sustainable development, climate change or any related fields);
  • Bachelor’s degree with a combination of additional 2 years of relevant professional experience may be accepted in lieu of the Master’s or higher’s degree;
  • Preferably 5 years of professional experience in climate change with at least 3 years developing/financing projects and project implementation in support of national sustainable development and/or climate change mitigation and adaptation targets in Guyana;
  • Experience supporting national, regional or international financing institutions with building capacity to apply international best practice standards to increase access to finance for sustainable development and/or climate change;
  • Experience working closely with government and non-government stakeholders in Guyana, and with intergovernmental organizations (IOs).
  • Strong background in project finance, origination and development, including experience developing public-private partnerships, and engaging with development partners in support of government climate change objectives;
  • Strong understanding of global landscape of climate change policy and finance;
  • Specialization in renewable energy, forestry, agriculture and related fields is a distinct advantage;
  • Proven experience leading or supporting project delivery, i.e. managing/supporting the delivery of results on time and on budget;
  • Strong command of utilizing Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and other complex data management software is a plus;
  • Excellent analytical skills, critical thinking ability, and data mining skills; and
  • Exceptional writing, editing, and proofreading skills in English are a must; knowledge of other relevant languages is an asset.
  • Understand and actively supports GGGI’s mission, vision and values.
  • Promote the optimum use of public resources.
  • Promote an organizational culture of trust, transparency, respect and partnership.
  • Process and share information easily.
  • Manage emotions and stress positively, builds rapport and resolves conflict easily.
  • Promote creativity and innovation among staff.
  • Be able to lead where needed and provide solutions to project-level challenge.

Based in Seoul, The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is an intergovernmental organization founded to support and promote a model of economic growth known as “green growth”, which targets key aspects of economic performance such a poverty reduction, job creation, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. GGGI works with countries around the world, building their capacity and working collaboratively on green growth policies that can impact the lives of millions. The organization partners with countries, multilateral institutions, government bodies, and private sector to help build economies that grow strongly and are more efficient and sustainable in the use of natural resources, less carbon intensive, and more resilient to climate change.

GGGI supports stakeholders through complementary and integrated workstreams – Green Growth Planning & Implementation and Knowledge Solutions – that deliver comprehensive products designed to assist in developing, financing, and mainstreaming green growth in national economic development plans.

The Guyana-Norway partnership of 2009, and the establishment of the GRIF in 2010, were part of an ambitious exercise to advance Guyana’s low carbon development plan (the Low Carbon Development Strategy, which was released in 2009, and updated in 2011 and 2013), and to maintain Guyana’s extremely low rate of deforestation. GGGI has partnered with the Government of Guyana (GoG) and the Government of Norway (GoN) to provide administrative support to the Guyana-Norway partnership. GGGI will work to: (i) improve monitoring and reporting of Guyana-Norway Partnership projects and activities; (ii) support GRIF Committees and stakeholders to fulfil their roles and responsibilities; and (iii) improve access to information on GRIF activities. The project timeline is 36 months.   

GGGI has partnered with the Government of Guyana (GoG) to deliver readiness activities aiming to increase the capacity of Guyana to strategically manage climate finance flows and achieve their revised National Determined contributions (NDC). Under this readiness project GGGI, in collaboration with Guyana’s Nationally Designated Authority (NDA) and the Department of Environment & Climate Change, will: (i) support the development and implementation of Guyana’s revised National Determined Contribution (NDC); (ii) develop project pipeline and investment plans for the energy and agriculture sector; (iii) develop finance structure and concept notes to access international climate finance; (iv) improve the National GHGs Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system under the enhanced transparency framework of the Paris Agreement to increase the capacity and coordination between ministries and agencies to gather emission activity data and track mitigation actions and climate finance flow; and (v) conduct capacity building on financial instruments and MRV for local stakeholders. The project timeline is 24 months.

  • Applications and CVs must be sent in English.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • All applications must be sent by close of day Korean Standard Time (KST) on the date prescribed.

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Notice expires at 11:59pm on Wednesday June 9th, 2021

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