Closing Date: September 3, 2023

Type of Vacancy: /

Details of the Post

Under the direction of the Manager Finance & Administration, the Assistant Systems Administrator is responsible for providing support to the Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency’s (the CCREEE) information technology needs in compliance with its established standards and norms of international best practices.

The Assistant Systems Administrator supports the work of the CCREEE, its mandate and deliverables and contributes to its technical development and support to the CCREEE’s technical team and its work.

The CCREEE’s operations and technical environments are highly specialized and integrated and so the Assistant Systems Administrator is expected to be highly engaged and conversant with the work of the Centre, its Member States, its development partners, and members of the CCREEE’s wider eco-system.

The position is deemed to be effective, efficient, and relevant when:

–     There is adherence to the information technology, administrative and procurement policies and procedures established by the CCREEE.

–      All information technology matters are attended to in a very proactive and cohesive manner, with much attention to detail, efficiency and with time sensitivity.

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