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“My Health, My Right”: World Health Day 2024

On 7 April, the world celebrates World Health Day to raise awareness and encourage action on global health issues. The theme for this year’s commemoration, “My Health, My Right”, emphasises the importance of affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services for all, including addressing inequalities and investing in resilient health systems for CARICOM Member States. By investing in these health systems, CARICOM Member States can guarantee that everyone can access quality healthcare services without experiencing financial hardship.

“My Health, My Right” is also a powerful reminder of the pivotal role of individual empowerment in achieving better healthcare outcomes. It asserts that every person has the fundamental right to make informed decisions, access quality care, and lead a healthy life. This call to action, urging individuals to advocate for themselves and demand meaningful change from their governments and healthcare systems, is potent.

Let us seize this moment to reflect on the importance of our health and take decisive action to secure our fundamental right to good health. We can all make a difference. By prioritising our health, we can contribute to a healthier, more resilient world.

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