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Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export)

Our Vision
To be the leading Agency that drives Caribbean economic transformation through private sector development.

Our Mission
To provide innovative, targeted initiatives designed to enhance Caribbean business growth, sustainability and job creation.

About Us
Caribbean Export is the regional trade and investment promotion agency focused on building a resilient Caribbean by providing cutting-edge and high-impact support to the private sector. Through working closely with businesses to increase exports and attract investment, we contribute towards the creation of jobs, transformation of our economies and support the Caribbean to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

We implement a range of innovative and focused initiatives designed to facilitate Caribbean businesses expansion nationally, regionally and internationally into high value markets whilst taking advantage of special market access. We assist businesses that have the export potential or are already exporting to increase their capacity and competitiveness, to boost export earnings and create precious jobs.

As we seek to build businesses and transform lives to create a resilient Caribbean, we are committed to providing services in areas that will generate the greatest transformation. These areas include e-commerce; digitalization; adoptions of green energy; and green and blue economy transition. In addition, recognizing that trade in services is the next frontier for Caribbean business, we support to non-tourism related service providers and the creative industries to build entrepreneurship and leverage opportunities created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Caribbean Export understands the needs for climate action and green economy transition in our small economies. Our work in investment promotions is laser focused on attracting foreign direct investment in renewable energy, agricultural technology and business process outsourcing. With a strategy of pooling several countries to build scale, we serve as the Secretariat of the 25 investment promotion agencies across the Caribbean, and we work closely with them to develop regional approaches and products to steer investments our way.

With offices in Barbados, Dominican Republic and Haiti, we have a proven track record of performance with an annual implementation rate of close to 85%.

Caribbean Export is building business, transforming lives for a resilient Caribbean.

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