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ICT Projects for Schools to Enhance the Classroom Experience

Dominica – The use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) in Dominican schools will be expanded with the implementation of a new project, ‘Digital Classroom Live Portal’.

The Ministry of Education on Friday launched the project at the Public Service Training Centre, in partnership with the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL).
The pilot project, funded by the World Bank, will first be developed in secondary schools on the island, and education officials say it is intended to advance teaching and learning in a technologically advancing world.

In his first speech as Minister for Information and Telecommunication, Ambrose George told those gathered for the launch of the project, government is moving to great heights to facilitate ICT in Dominica in the 21st century.

“As a result of the recent upgrades at over 19 computer labs in schools across Dominica, over 450 computers, printers, servers have been deployed. This has created the right environment for supporting the proposed project. Many schools have been networked and will soon contain servers which could be allowed to catch a certain number of digital lessons which can then be easily streamed into the classroom, using a laptop, wireless connection, and a projector,” George said.

Minister for Education Petter St. Jean stated the use of foreign expertise to enhance the school’s productivity will become something of the past, with implementation of the new project.

“No longer will we be dependent on external expertise for improving our practices …We can now benefit from the demonstrations of examples from within our shores and our very own education system. Through this valuable project, our teachers are expected to enhance their ability to manage and manipulate the power of online communication and sharing, towards the ultimate attainment of the delivery of quality education to every student,” St. Jean stated.

The project is intended to establish online video and multimedia communication between secondary schools, to encourage knowledge sharing, and to familiarize secondary school students with using digital media for learning.

It will be completed within seven months.

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