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Happy World Development Information Day!

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat joins the world in celebrating World Development Information Day – a Day that was set aside by the United Nations for the world to be aware of the development problems that exist and to solve these problems by strengthening international cooperation.

The CARICOM Secretariat continues to foster its relationship with international organisations and recognises their contributions in the development of the Caribbean Community.

Dissemination of information is critical to bringing awareness to and with CARICOM. Traditional media has its role in sharing information. However, with the advancement of technology, there are a number of new methods or systems whereby information can be accessed and shared in an instant.

In this regard, the CARICOM Single ICT Space and other regional initiatives will provide more opportunities for international cooperation, as well as more avenues for access to and sharing of information across the Region. There are already a number of ways that the CARICOM Secretariat shares information to the Community including websites and social media sites. The ICT for Development Programme at the CARICOM Secretariat will continue to share information on the CARICOM Single ICT Space so that the public is aware of its role in the development of the Single ICT Space, and its benefits to each sector.

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