Food security programme begins in all schools

As it gets ready to re-launch its food security programme to secure investment from the private sector, the Ministry of Agriculture is doing its best to ensure primary and secondary schools are also part of the process.

The exercise, which commenced last week with the donation of fruit trees to several primary schools, aims is to establish a garden in all schools on the island.

Senior Extension Officer in the Ministry Owalabi Elabanjo said trees were delivered to the Old Road, Urlings and Greenbay Primary Schools.

“We want to encourage the children while they are young to eat what they grow. Once we can get them to participate now they will be able to understand what it is, and we want to use them as an engine of change,” Elabanjo said.


Elabanjo said so far principals, teachers and students are buying into the initiative.

“We have advised them not to limit participation to only the school and students, invite parents and the community in which the school is situated to come on board, to allow the project to be expanded,” Elabanjo said.

The ministry will also be providing technical assistance to schools which already have a thriving agriculture programme.

The ministry intends to re-launch all aspects of the country’s agriculture programme at a day to be announced, to encourage more participation from the private sector.

The exercise is sponsored by the Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

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