Edutainment and Gender Based Violence

In 2011, an edutainment project was undertaken by the CARICOM Secretariat with support from UN Women, which brought together Caribbean Artists from Belize, Guyana and Suriname in a three-day workshop in Suriname to use their creativity in the production of public campaign material on gender based violence. These artists came together to add their voices to the global campaign led by the United Nations Secretary-General, to end violence against women.


The overall objective of the project was to contribute to raising awareness on Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the Caribbean and in promoting positive attitudes and behaviour towards a more gender sensitive community through the use of edutainment. 


The workshop successfully realized two major objectives: to increase knowledge on GBV and the ability to take culturally sensitive action to reduce GBV in general and increase awareness on the positive impact of edutainment addressing GBV and related issues through the active engagement of Caribbean performing artists in the delivery of creative products addressing GBV.


Through this workshop, artists were given an opportunity to become change agents and contribute to a gender sensitive Community and promote positive messages through their artistic expressions. A special dimension given to the workshop was the fusion of indigenous art forms with popular cultural expressions in the creation of public education products. From this project the following products were delivered:

three public service announcements (PSAs) on GBV (physical, psychological and sexual violence)
an 11-minute documentary on Edutainment and Gender Based Violence
three jingles on GBV (physical, psychological and sexual violence)
one calypso song on GBV

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