1. This Agreement seeks, within the framework of the Revised Treaty, to:

(a)      establish a single market for air transport services within the Community in furtherance of the undertaking of Member States under paragraph 1 of Article 33 and paragraph 1 of Article 37 of the Revised Treaty to remove barriers to the right of establishment of Community nationals and the right of Community nationals to provide services within the Community; and

(b)           establish measures to:

(i)            promote the adoption of uniform standards and recommended practices for the provision of air transport services within the Community;

(ii)           ensure uniformity in licensing and certification of aviation personnel within the Community; and

(iii)          ensure that the provision of international air transport services in the Community is undertaken by financially viable and technically qualified air carriers.

  • This Agreement confers rights and obligations on Member States in furtherance of the objectives set out in paragraph 1.
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