Adjustments to CANTA Quality Assurance Criteria and CVQ Assessment Guidelines

COVID-19 has presented extraordinary circumstances that have required CANTA to review aspects of the delivery of CVQs and make adjustments to the CANTA Quality Assurance Criteria Guidelines (2015); in particular, to assessment procedures and the collection of evidence. As the health and safety of candidates is of paramount importance, the use of electronic and digital technologies throughout the assessment process is encouraged.

The adjustments and recommendations that are made do not remove any of the existing requirements for the delivery of the learning outcomes or assessment criteria detailed within occupational qualification standards. In this regard, Awarding Bodies (i.e. NTAs approved to award CVQs) shall ensure that TVET/CVQ training delivery remains fit for purpose, and that assessments remain robust and in keeping with the CBET approach where learners’ evidence is Valid, Authentic and Sufficient to fully cover learning outcomes and assessment criterion. These adjustments will remain in place until otherwise advised by CANTA.

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