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CDEMA and CARICAD Formalise Partnership for Regional Sustainable Development

In a true demonstration of regional partnership, two CARICOM institutions have taken an important step to formalize their relationship towards enhancing sustainable development across the region.

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to demonstrate their synergistic relationship through more strategic collaboration. The MOU was signed by the Executive Director of CDEMA, Ronald Jackson and Devon Rowe, Executive Director of CARICAD on Monday December 05, 2016 at CDEMA Headquarters in Barbados.

Speaking at the brief signing ceremony, Mr. Ronald Jackson said, “This relationship between CDEMA and CARICAD has been brewing for some time and we are particularly proud to share this moment where we formalize a partnership to support institutional strengthening of the public sector across the region. CDEMA and CARICAD share common challenges including those of predictable financing, that all regional institutions face and which presents significant challenges for the provision of services to their common Member States.”

Mr. Jackson also added, “CDEMA and CARICAD have seen the need to collaborate closely on areas that focus on strengthening governance, leadership and a common commitment to sustainable development despite different mandates”. The roles played by Emergency/Disaster officials in the public sectors of the Caribbean Region are widely recognized and in many cases highly regarded. The concept and practice of Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) promulgated and promoted by CDEMA means that the role of the wider public sector in all phases of the Disaster Cycle should be recognized and capacity and commitment built accordingly. CDEMA is mandated to advance CDM while CARICAD was established to transform and modernize the public sectors of the Region.

“Our vulnerability is not merely a disaster management issue it is a survival and sustainable development issue. Comprehensive Disaster Management is a public sector transformation issue,” said Mr. Rowe. “CARICAD is the region’s focal point for public sector transformation. The value of this MOU initiative can be appreciated when I remind all that the development and execution was identified as one of the activities under the aegis of the CARICOM Strategic Plan. Implementation of this MOU also means that we will be clearly demonstrating that our regional institutions are working together”, he added.

Both CARICAD and CDEMA have identified and agreed on specific opportunities for collaboration and cooperation in the implementation of their respective work plans as described in the MOU. Some of the areas of collaboration include: promote and publicise efforts in a manner that underscores the value of both institutions to all stakeholders; perform tasks and related assignments with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence and integrity; seek grant funding in a mutually supportive manner; and provide advice, support and technical assistance as agreed by both institutions.

The MOU will be in effect for an initial two years and provides a platform and binding basis for formal agreement, cooperation, and collaboration for joint, supportive actions between the two institutions in the execution of their respective mandates.

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