Brazil (Federative Republic)

  • Photo of Agriculture development discussed as SG accredits Brazil’s new Ambassador to CARICOM

    Agriculture development discussed as SG accredits Brazil’s new Ambassador to CARICOM

    Scope for collaboration in agricultural development was one of the main items discussed by Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)Her Excellency Carla Barnett and Her Excellency Maria Clara Duclos Carisio, Brazil’s new Ambassador to CARICOM. Ambassador Carisio presented her credentials to Secretary-General Barnett in a ceremony at the Georgetown, Guyana headquarters of the CARICOM Secretariat on Thursday 16 September. Apart…

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  • Photo of Caribbean can only ‘build back better’ with international support and urgent climate action, UN, CARICOM Chiefs and Heads of Government

    Caribbean can only ‘build back better’ with international support and urgent climate action, UN, CARICOM Chiefs and Heads of Government

    Over US$2 billion pledged, half of which in loans and debt relief, to support affected women and men for long-term recovery in hurricane-affected Caribbean during CARICOM-UN Conference New York, 21 November 2017 – In view of the urgent needs of Caribbean islands affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the “CARICOM-UN High-level Pledging Conference: Building a more Climate-Resilient Community ” mobilised…

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  • Photo of Guyana strengthening cyber security against hackers, fraudsters

    Guyana strengthening cyber security against hackers, fraudsters

    Guyana is moving to insulate a number of loopholes and so drastically reduce the possibility of cybercrimes ranging from website hacking to fraud, officials said Wednesday. Experts are being trained in cybercrimes legislation and enforcement while plans are on the drawing board to enact several laws related to cyber security. Cyber Security attacks on websites such as defacement and other…

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  • Brazilian diamond hints at vast water reserve deep inside Earth

    WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – A dirty-looking, commercially worthless brown diamond found in Brazil is yielding priceless information about the composition of a layer deep inside our planet. The diamond contained a mineral called ringwoodite that entrapped a significant amount of water, an international team of scientists reported this week. The discovery of the water-rich mineral indicates that mammoth amounts of water…

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  • Brazil’s president says cyberspace must not be used as a ‘weapon of war’

    UNITED NATIONS — Delivering a harsh indictment of U.S. cyber-surveillance, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday called on the United Nations to get involved with helping nations safeguard themselves from cyber-snooping by other countries. “Information and telecommunication technologies cannot be the new battlefield between states,” said Rousseff, who delivered the opening address at the 68th U.N. General Assembly. “Time is…

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  • Brazil cancels advance team trip for state visit to U.S.

    BRASILIA, (Reuters) – Brazil has canceled a trip by an advance team to Washington to prepare for a visit by President Dilma Rousseff that might be called off after revelations the United States spied on her private communications. Brazil’s presidential palace said yesterday it canceled a trip by an advance team of logistical planners, security personnel and protocol officers that…

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  • Brazil, Mexico ask US to explain if NSA spied on presidents

    BRASILIA (Reuters) – Brazil assailed the United States yesterday after new allegations that Washington spied on President Dilma Rousseff, complaining that its sovereignty may have been violated and suggesting that it could call off Rousseff’s planned state visit to the White House next month. A Brazilian news programme reported on Sunday that the US National Security Agency spied on emails,…

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  • Brazil data indicate increase in Amazon deforestation

    RIO DE JANEIRO,  (Reuters) – Brazilian government figures released yesterday indicated further rise in deforestation in the Amazon, a trend that could soon amount to a full year’s reversal from recent progress in the battle against destruction of the world’s largest rainforest. Satellite data compiled by Brazil’s space agency showed 465 sq km (180 sq mi) of deforestation during the…

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  • Responding to Protests, Brazil’s Leader Proposes Changes to System

    SÃO PAULO, Brazil — President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil proposed a series of bold changes to the country’s political system on Monday, including convening a constituent assembly apparently aimed at overhauling Congress and campaign-finance methods, in an effort to assuage the concerns of protesters who have stunned the nation this month with their anti-establishment demonstrations. In detailing her plans, Ms.…

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  • Brazil’s protesters sick of corruption

    It’s an odd spectacle. Traditionally, Brazilians take to the streets only during Carnival. Now they do it to protest. What has happened? It all started after the fares for public transportation were raised, but that was just an excuse. There was more to it. The profound truth is that much of society is tired of corruption, impunity, the intricate bureaucracy…

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