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CARICOM Heads of Government Statement on the Situation in Haiti Following the Exchange with Key International Partners

CARICOM Heads of Government, including Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry, met with International Partners of Haiti including, Canada, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Nations in a coordination meeting on the situation in Haiti in the context of the Security Council Resolution 2699. Haiti, as a sister nation of the Community was a key focus of the 46th Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community in Georgetown, Guyana, on 26 February.

The Heads of Government and the Partners received an update on the situation by the Coordinator of the Eminent Persons Group, former Prime Minister Kenny Anthony. In the course of a frank and in-depth discussion on the situation in Haiti, the CARICOM Heads expressed their deep concern over the continued deterioration of the security, humanitarian and political situation and the continued delay in overcoming the political stalemate, which have blocked the possibility of free and fair elections. CARICOM Heads underlined the critical and immediate need for a clear political path forward which should be participatory and inclusive.

The CARICOM Heads took note of the commitment made by Prime Minister Ariel Henry to major steps to move the political process forward, including the holding of general elections to restore constitutional government and authority no later than 31 August 2025. To this end, an electoral needs gap assessment team will be dispatched by CARICOM by 31 March 2024, in consultation with the United Nations in line with existing Security Council mandates, with the support of Canada, USA and the OAS. The Assessment Team will support planning and efforts of the relevant Haitian institutions to be established.

The CARICOM Heads and the key Partners recognised the depth of the suffering of the Haitian people. This has been exacerbated by the lack of consensus among the political stakeholders, civil society, the private and religious sectors and the Government of Haiti. In this regard, the CARICOM Heads called on all concerned to make the necessary concessions to arrive at a resolution of the political impasse. They urged that each Stakeholder must recognize that they will not obtain all that they want, but Haiti must obtain what it needs.

Against this background CARICOM will extend an invitation to the Stakeholders to participate in a meeting urgently to address and settle the critical political path that is participatory and inclusive.

Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
28 February 2024

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