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CARICOM had strong team at ocean biodiversity treaty negotiations

CARICOM’s strong negotiating team for the just-agreed Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction treaty (BBNJ) comprised representatives of the Region’s Permanent Missions to the United Nations and capital base experts supported by scientific and legal experts drawn from the regional institutions (the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (and the University of the West Indies) with the CARICOM Secretariat providing technical, logistical and administrative support when needed. 

2023 is a momentous year for this region. The Caribbean Community is celebrating 50 years, the University of the West Indies is marking its 75th anniversary and CRFM is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Our joint efforts to successfully negotiate this Treaty is testimony to what we can do when we are united.

Our CARICOM experts did not only participate in the negotiations but were also tasked with facilitating discussion on key areas of the new treaty:

  • Ambassador Janine Coye Felson of Belize was CARICOM’s lead on Area Based Management Tools but also was called upon by the President to facilitate the group on Marine Genetic Resources (Part 2 of the Treaty).

Ambassador Janine Coye Felson of Belize, facilitating discussions on Marine Genetic Resources, including the fair and equitable sharing of benefits
  • Mr. Kurt Davis, Deputy Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations facilitated the group on Cross Cutting Issues
Mr. Kurt Davis, (Jamaica) facilitating discussions on Cross -Cutting Issues


Ambassador Janine Coye Felson, Overall CARICOM Team Lead and Thematic lead on Area Based Management Tools including Marine Protected Areas, Part 3 of the Treaty
Dr. Kahlil Hassanali, Institute of Marine Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago CARICOM thematic lead on Part 4 of the Treaty, Environmental Impact Assessments
Ms. Juliette Babb- Riley, Government of Barbados, Overall CARICOM Team lead and CARICOM Thematic Lead for Marine Genetic Resources (Part 2 of the Treaty) with CARICOM Expert Professor Judith Gobin, Professor of Marine Biology, Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
Ms. Donnette Streete, Government of Guyana, CARICOM Thematic Lead on Part 7 of the Treaty, Finanical Resources and Mechanisms
Ms. Kimberly Louis, Government of St. Lucia, CARICOM Thematic Lead on Part 5 of the Treaty, Capacity Building and Transfer of Marine Technology
Professor David Berry, Professor of International Law and Regional Integration Law, Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus CARICOM Expert supporting Area Based Management Tools and Institutional Arrangements
Ms. Nellie Catzim, Belize, CARICOM Technical Coordinator and support on Part 3 of the Treaty, area Based Management Tools including Marine Protected Areas
Mr. Kurt Davis, Government of Jamaica, CARICOM Thematic Lead on Part 6 of the Treaty, Institutional Arrangements
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