CARICOM Committee of Ambassadors an opportunity to impact efficiency and effectiveness – Chair

Excellencies, the formation of this Committee provides an opportunity for us to greatly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the CARICOM Secretariat and its related agencies.  As Ambassadors, we have a unique position in having direct contact with our Heads of Government and Cabinets, as well as with the technical advisors and shareholders.  We must therefore maximize  these unique positions in auctioning our responsibilities to provide strategic advice and support to the Community Council of Ministers and support for the reform of the Community.

This Committee can truly serve as a Rapid Response Mechanism to get early feedback from Member States on matters of import. Members of the Committee of Ambassadors must remain aware of the issues discussed in the various Councils.  The Committee of Ambassadors should also strengthen relations with their country Ambassadors attached to Overseas Missions in order to ensure that there is adequate information sharing.

Welcome remarks by Chair of the Inaugural Meeting of the CARICOM Committee of Ambassadors, and Ambassador of The Bahamas to CARICOM, H.E. Picewell Forbes, to the Meeting on Saturday 30 May, 2015, Georgetown, Guyana.

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