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The pace of the constitutional reform process in Guyana has been given added impetus following agreement by all parties to the terms of reference of a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) appointed Facilitator.

Agreement to the terms came after the Chairman of CARICOM, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Dr. the Hon. Kenny Anthony held discussions with leaders of the political parties in Guyana during a one-day visit on Monday 14 September, 1998.

Dr. Anthony told journalists at a press conference after the round of meetings that Regional leaders were concerned about the pace of the constitutional reform process, a significant component of the menu of measures agreed to between the two main political parties to help return Guyana to a path of peace and stability after violence and street protests erupted following the December 15, 1997 general elections. He expressed confidence that with this hurdle now crossed, the Facilitator can speed up the process, and announced that, the Facilitator, a former Attorney-General of Barbados, Mr. Maurice King will arrive in Guyana on Monday 21 September 1998.

Responding to a question on the need for CARICOM’s continued involvement in the process, the Chairman said that CARICOM cannot distance itself from the process at this stage. He said that there is a measure of pain across the Region as Guyana goes through a serious crisis, and mentioned that the Region wants to see peace and stability maintained, and the vast potential of the country, a founding member of CARICOM, realised.

While recognising that the solutions to the problems reside in Guyana, Dr. Anthony highlighted the situation as one with Regional implications, and an experience which can be helpful in resolving or managing other problems in the Caribbean if or when they arise. His presence in Guyana, at the time, is a statement of partnership in the process, and anxiety of CARICOM governments for peace and stability, the Chairman said.

Attached is the text of the Terms of Reference for the Facilitator.


    • These Terms of Reference are established for the Facilitator appointed by CARICOM under the provisions of the Saint Lucia Statement. This Statement arose out of the conversations which the Heads of Government held with President Jagan and Mr. Hoyte and was signed by Ms Janet Jagan on behalf of the PPP/Civic, Mr Desmond Hoyte on behalf of the PNC and Dr. Kenny Anthony on behalf of the Caribbean Community.

    • The Saint Lucia Statement which reaffirmed the Commitment of the Parties to the Herdmanston Accord signed on the 17th day of January, 1998, provides that: “The two Leaders have recognised the value of a high-level Facilitator acceptable to them whose functions will be developed in conjunction with them. Therefore, they have accepted the offer of CARICOM to provide such a Facilitator who will be appointed as a matter of urgency to further assist in the due implementation of these several agreements”.

    • In performing the function set out above, the Facilitator would attend meetings of the bodies established by the Parties for the political dialogue under Clause 3 of the Herdmanston Accord and for implementation of the Terms of the Herdmanston Accord under Clause 4, and employ his good offices in assisting to resolve difficulties between the Parties.

    • The Facilitator would cause to be kept accurate records of the Meetings in the form of Minutes of Conclusions which, upon being certified by the signatures of the Parties and the Facilitator, shall form the Official Record of the Meetings.

    • The Facilitator shall assist in the implementation of the decisions made by the Parties by transmitting those decisions to those concerned, seeking from the Parties, as required, clarification on those decisions, liaising with competent bodies in the course of the implementation of the decisions, providing information and material to the Parties designed to achieve the objectives of the Herdmanston Accord and the Saint Lucia Statement, organising meetings and discussions between the Parties and other bodies and generally furthering the objectives of the Herdmanston Accord and the Saint Lucia Statement, but at all times only at the request of and under the direction of the Parties .

  • The Facilitator would be expected to report to the Parties at, and, if necessary, between Meetings of the results of his discussions or activities undertaken pursuant to these Terms. In this regard, all written communication and reports made by the Facilitator to any person, party, organisation, body or group shall be copied to the Parties.
    • The Facilitator may, at the request of the Parties, or with their knowledge, consult with the Chairman of CARICOM for the purpose of recommending ideas and/or initiatives for the achievement of the objectives of the Herdmanston Accord and the Saint Lucia Statement.

  • The Facilitator will be required to prepare Press Statements, arrange Press Conferences and provide information to the Press at the request of the Parties.


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