Caribbean writers, animators create appealing children’s stories

Caribbean writers and animators have taken up the call for creating their own stories using tools and media that appeal to children. The newest product in the market is the series about Magnus the Mongoose. Even though the series is aimed at children aged 3-6, older children will also be able to appreciate the content.

Magnus the Mongoose is the work of the creators of Cabbie Chronicles, the Caribbean’s first animated series.

We realized that children were watching Cabbie even though it was geared towards an adult audience,” said Alison Latchman CEO of Jamaican based Alcyone Animation, the company behind the development of Cabbie Chronicles and Magnus the Mongoose.

We found that they were drawn to Cabbie and were excited about seeing and hearing something they were familiar with and could relate to.”

Alcyone Animation has done a trailer for the series, which can be viewed on the Facebook page Latchman continued, “We are building our audience by releasing a series of books that will act as a precursor to the animated series which is still in development.”

The first in the book series, Magnus the Mongoose Meets New Friends has already been released on and is available on Kindle® and is also available in print. The second book will be available the beginning of March and is entitled Magnus and the Litter Cow. Proceeds from the book sales will go directly towards further development and production of the animated series.

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