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Caribbean ICT Roadshow comes to Belize City

AARON HUMES Reporting: Belize City hosted the second leg of the third annual Caribbean Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Roadshow at the Radisson Hotel in Belize City today.

ICT is basically the use of modern technology such as computers, cellular phones and so on to link with software and other tools to more effectively access, store and transmit information.

The Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities (MESTPU) is collaborating with the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) to take the displays and workshops across the country.

Selby Wilson, representative from the CTU cited the outreach to students in the Toledo and Belize districts as an example of how ICT affects the next generation in his address at this morning’s opening ceremonies.

Ministry CEO Dr. Colin Young said that ICT has a beneficial effect on Belize’s economic bottomline as more people become technologically friendly.

He tells us we can look forward to better Government services through the use of ICT, as the Government has contributed about $500,000 toward improving the country’s ICT and E-Government development.

The roadshow was previously in Punta Gorda and and tomorrow goes to community outreach at the Belize Rural High School before wrapping up in Corozal Town on Friday.

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