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Caribbean Export Supports Literacy in Schools

The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) distributed the first set of the books from its inaugural book drive during May 2014 with presentations to the students of the West Terrace and St. Stephen’s Primary Schools. During the first presentation at West Terrace, Ms. JoEllen Laryea Caribbean Export’s PR and Communications Advisor, stressed the importance of reading for the cultivation of creative and critical thought as well as effective communication skills.

Ms. Bevly Burrowes, the Principal of West Terrace, echoed Ms. Laryea’s sentiments, stating that: “Literacy is important, as reading  has the power to transport you into other realms.”

Ms. Burrowes further declared the school’s intention to establish a library and information resource centre and her hope was that Caribbean Export’s donation would be a catalyst for the realisation of that goal.

The presentation at St. Stephen’s was made to the Class 4 students of the school who recently completed their Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examinations (BSSEE). It is believed that these young people, in particular, are perfectly poised to take full advantage of the benefits that reading can provide. The enhancement in vocabulary and intellect that reading stimulates is crucial when on the cusp of entering a new stage in educational development.

“Through reading, you open up your minds; you encounter new words, which expand your vocabulary. A strong vocabulary is very important to be able to express yourselves well…some of you may want to start your own businesses some day and effective and eloquent communication will be very important for success in entrepreneurship, as well as in any career that you go into”, commented Ms. Laryea during the presentation.

Ms. Bonwim Medford, the Class 4 teacher, expressed heartfelt appreciation on behalf of the students and staff of St. Stephen’s.

To date, Caribbean Export’s book drive, co-ordinated by Ms. Laryea and Mrs. Stephanie Bishop, Advisor M&E Communications, has gained 315 book donations since its launch in April and continues to garner support from the members of the Agency.

Creating an environment in which students are constantly engaged with resources, which stimulate their intellect and imagination is key to laying the foundation for future excellence in all spheres, and Caribbean Export views this an opportunity to foster creative for the future innovators of our Caribbean region.

The next presentation of books is scheduled to take place in September at schools in the St. Michael, St. James and St. Thomas area.

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