Caribbean Energy Efficiency Lighting Project takes their Knowledge Road Show to Dominica and Saint Lucia

Against the background of the Caribbean being home to some of the highest per capita energy costs in the world, the Caribbean Energy Efficiency Lighting Project (CEELP) team  recently engaged representatives and members of a diverse array of community groups from across the region  to raise awareness about the benefits of energy efficient lighting. As part of the project’s mandate to develop a deeper understanding about how energy efficient lighting can reduce energy costs and reduce users’ carbon footprints, the team embarked on a Knowledge Road Show in Dominica and St. Lucia that aimed to reach participants from all sectors, with an emphasis on youth and women.

In Dominica, the road show visited Government Headquarters, Planned Parenthood, the Bureau of Gender Affairs and the Dominica Youth Council while, on the Saint Lucia leg of the tour, the team led discussions with groups from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Women’s Farmers and Producers, the Association of Professional Engineers, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services & Transport and several youth groups.

Lead facilitator and Lighting Expert Steve Coyne displayed various lighting technologies, detailed the benefits of LEDs and CFLs and gave participants tips on choosing the right technology for their homes and work environments. He was ably assisted by Jason LaCorbiniere, CEELP Project Coordinator and Project Associate, Sherri Frederick who provided attendees with background on the project, including highlighting the project’s role in working with CARICOM towards the development of standards overseeing the importation of quality LED bulbs. The Road Show was timely, as CEELP recently assisted with upgrades from fluorescent lights to LEDs in both countries and were on hand to respond to queries surrounding the retrofits.

Remarking on the reception the team received from the various groups, Mr. LaCorbiniere commented, “the enthusiasm with which we were met is encouraging. The knowledge we shared was relevant to all of the groups and participants were keen on disseminating it to their networks.” Participants were also happy to learn that Bulb Crushers have been purchased for each country in order to alleviate concerns regarding mercury contained in fluorescent bulbs.

At the end of each presentation, attendees who accurately responded to questions on energy efficient lighting were gifted with inflatable solar powered lanterns.

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