Caribbean Consular Corps in Toronto celebrates CARICOM’s 50th Anniversary


(The Caribbean Consular Corps Press Release) On Tuesday, July 4, 2023, the Caribbean Consular Corps (CCC) in Toronto celebrated the 50th Anniversary of CARICOM with great fanfare, regional pride, and patriotism.

Three (3) major events were held:

• CARICOM Flag Raising Ceremony at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Queen’s Park, Toronto;
• Lighting of the Clock Tower at the City Hall in Brampton in CARICOM colours; and
• Illumination of Niagara Falls in CARICOM Colours.

The Flag Raising Ceremony brought together members of the CCC – Antigua and Barbuda (CG Ann-Marie Layne), The Bahamas, (Consul Shelley Sweeting), Barbados (CG Sonia Marville-Carter), Cuba (Consul Sabdiel Lafargue Moreno) Dominica (Frances Delsol, Trade and Investment Commissioner), Grenada (Hon CG Dawne Francios), Jamaica (CG Lincoln Downer), Saint Kitts and Nevis (Honorary Consul Brenda Foreman), Saint Lucia (CG Henry Mangal), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Mr. Mozart Carr, Political Advisor), and Trinidad and Tobago ( CG (Ag) Tracey Ramsubagh-Manette). Also present were Consuls General from member countries of the Consular Corps Associations of Toronto (CCAT), members of the Caribbean Diasporas, community groups and business representatives from the Greater Toronto Area.

The Mistress of Ceremony for the event was Honorary Consul Ms. Brenda Foreman.

Representatives of the Caribbean Consular Corps in Toronto at the flag-raising ceremony (Photo via St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service)
Representatives of the Caribbean Consular Corps in Toronto at the flag-raising ceremony (Photo via St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service)

The flag raising, held at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, was attended by the Honourable Ted Arnott, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, who congratulated CARICOM on its achievements and the attainment of its golden anniversary.

Consul General of Saint Lucia and CCC Chair Mr. Henry Mangal saluted the founding fathers of CARICOM and recalled the achievements of CARICOM and the global leadership of CARICOM on major issues like apartheid, the recognition of Cuba, climate change and reparations for the genocide of native West Indians and the enslavement of captured Africans on colonial West Indian plantations.

The CARICOM Secretary General’s 50th Anniversary message was delivered by Ms. Frances Delsol, Trade and Investment Commissioner of Dominica. In her message (Secretary-General) Dr. Carla Barnett, outlined the achievements, challenges, and opportunities along CARICOM’s continuing journey.

Consul General of Antigua and Barbuda and Chair of the Consular Corps Association of Toronto (CCAT) – Ms. Ann-Marie Layne – congratulated CARICOM on its achievements and longevity and pledged the support of the CCAT for CCC and CARICOM initiatives which are mutually beneficial.

Ontario Legislative Assembly Representatives Hon. Patrice Barnes and Hon. Charmaine Williams – who both have Caribbean roots – also delivered solidarity messages congratulating CARICOM on its golden anniversary and pledging support for Caribbean causes that are within their mandates.

The CARICOM Flag was proudly hoisted by Consul General of Saint Lucia Mr. Henry Mangal and Consul General (Ag) of Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Tracey Ramsubagh-Manette – who were accompanied by the other Consuls General and Representatives from the Caribbean Consular Corps.

Dozens of enthusiastic CARICOM Nationals also joined Consuls General for the lighting of Clock Tower in Brampton and the Illumination of Niagara Falls.

The Caribbean Consular Corps is a grouping of Caribbean Consuls General and Representatives in Toronto, set up to promote regionalism by discussing and distilling common issues confronting the Caribbean and harmonising approaches to addressing them. The CCC also promotes the preservation of Caribbean culture and heritage among Caribbean nationals
and their descendants in Canada.

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