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The Suriname National Organising Committee has announced that the whole month of August will be dedicated to the celebration of Arts and Culture in the Caribbean. The Dutch republic will play host to the eighth CARIFESTA, which will be officially opened on 24th August in the capital, Paramaribo, and continuing for a period of seven days.

The CARIFESTA Committee has confirmed that plans are well underway to ensure a “unique” celebration of CARIFESTA.

Emphasising the theme of CARIFESTA, which is “Cultural Diversity”, the host country is planning to have as one of the major attractions of the Festival, an Indigenous Amerindian Village to introduce the way of life of the native populations of the four surviving Amerindian nations in Suriname – the Caribs, the Arawaks, the Warua, and the Trio. This Village of the Amerindians will be located in the Palmettory – a palm tree studded area in the capita, which will be transformed for the occasion.

Well-known Suriname artist, Henk Tjon is at the forefront of crafting the creative concept for CARIFESTA VIII. In a recent interview with the CARICOM Secretariat, Tjon said, “Suriname is known as the keeper of the cultural treasures of the world’s civilisations living in this Western Hemisphere. We hope to show off our cultural heritage in a glorious, in a delicious and in a splendid way.”

Tjon believes that Suriname is one of few countries in the Caribbean region that can give a true sense of nostalgia to the peoples of the region. “They don’t have to go to India. They don’t have to go to Africa. They just have to come to Suriname”, he added.

Among the myriad activities to be held during CARIFESTA month is a Javanese Cultural Festival to commemorate Javanese immigration.

Most of the Member States of the Caribbean Community have confirmed their participation in CARIFESTA VIII and China, Indonesia, India, Japan and Ghana have also signalled their intention to take part.

Previous CARIFESTA’s have been held in Guyana, Jamaica, Cuba, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and St Kitts and Nevis.

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