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Ally of slain Curacao politician suspects ‘political motive’ in attack by 2 assailants

A close ally of a charismatic but divisive politician killed by two assailants in Curacao said Monday he believes the lawmaker was slain in some sort of politically motivated attack on the Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela.
Donald Balentina, president of the Curacao political party founded by slain politician Helmin Wiels, told The Associated Press that he thinks the fiery, populist lawmaker was targeted by gunmen due to politics. He noted that Wiels, a highly influential member of the coalition government, had made several anti-corruption speeches in recent days and on Friday publicly accused a local telecommunications company of being involved in the illegal sale of lottery numbers.
“I think it was a political motive,” Balentina said a day after Wiels was hit by five bullets at Curacao's Marie Pompoen beach as he sipped a beer and socialized. “Maybe they did this to shut his mouth.”

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