Adoption of healthful habits…improves quality of life, reduces future health costs: CARPHA on Caribbean Wellness Day

Recognizing the threat posed by NCDs, in the Declaration of Port of Spain, CARICOM Heads of Government outlined key strategies to prevent, control and reduce NCDs through the life course.  This year, 2015, attention is on the ageing population.

In many of our Caribbean countries, older adults make up one of the fastest growing groups. In 1980, one in fifteen persons was aged 60 and older; projections are that this proportion will double by the year 2020. Persons are also living longer. Today, a person born in the Region can expect to live 15-20 years more than his/her grandparent.

Adapting to the many changes that come with ageing can be a challenge, but looking after our bodies is an important part of healthy ageing. By engaging in healthy lifestyle practices such as having a healthy diet, exercising daily and not smoking will not prevent changes that are part of normal ageing, but can reduce our chances of developing heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, arthritis and other diseases commonly associated with older age.

Although having one of these diseases does not rule out independence and health in older age, the adoption of healthful habits can help to maintain well-being, reduce the burden of disability and improve quality of life and reduce future health costs.  For more information on Nutrition and Healthy Ageing, please click here.

 From the Executive Director of CARPHA Dr. James Hospedales’ Caribbean Health and Wellness Day message 2015.

Read full message:  CARPHA_Caribbean_Health_Wellness_Day_Message

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