Overview- CARICOM Secretariat

Article 23 of the Revised Treaty provides for the Secretariat as the principal administrative organ of the Community with Headquarters in Georgetown, Guyana.  The Secretariat also has an Office in Barbados and a small satellite unit in Jamaica.

In addition to any functions which may be assigned to it by Organs of the Community, the Secretariat:

    • services meetings of the Organs and Bodies of the Community and take appropriate follow up action on determinations issuing from such meetings;
    • initiates, organises and conducts studies on issues for the achievement of the objectives of the Community;
    • provides, on request, services to the Member States of the Community on matters relating to the achievement of its objectives;
    • collects, stores and disseminates to the Member States of the Community, information relevant for the achievement of its objectives;
    • assists Community Organs in the development and implementation of proposals and programmes for the achievement of objectives of the Community;
    • co-ordinates in relation to the Community the activities of donor agencies, international, regional and national institutions for the achievement of objectives of the Community;
    • prepares the draft budget of the Community for examination by the Budget Committee;
    • provides, on request, technical assistance to national authorities to facilitate implementation of Community decisions;
    • conducts, as mandated, fact-finding assignments in the Member States, and
    • initiates or develops proposals for consideration and decision by competent Organs in order to achieve Community

Our Mission:

    • To contribute, in support of Member States, to the improvement of the quality of life of the People of the Community and the development of an innovative and productive society in partnership with institutions and groups working towards attaining a people-centred, sustainable and internationally competitive Community.

Together the undermentioned structure is responsible for the strategic management and direction of the Organisation and for working closely with the Councils and their Chairpersons to promote the implementation of decisions.

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