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19 Dec 2018

Sustainable Energy Finance Advisor

Closing Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2019


The Sustainable Energy Finance Advisor will work as a member of the TAPSEC team and supports the Energy Programme of the CARICOM Secretariat, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and other financial institutions in its efforts to making a shift toward greater utilization of sustainable energy options. The focus of the support is to enhance the capacity of the Caribbean Development Bank and other financial institutions (National Development Banks, commercial Banks) to provide sufficient and adequate financial sources for renewable and energy efficiency projects. Project funding opportunities should be identified and information as well as counselling services shall be provided to potential credit takers in the sector. The Sustainable Energy Finance Advisor will be particularly responsible for and contribute to a successful implementation of the TAPSEC Finance Component in the CARIFORUM region.

The main activities in the Finance Component are the following.

Innovative financing mechanisms for renewable energy projects and businesses are identified and their accessibility for local and regional RE and EE project developers is supported:

Develop a regional strategy and mechanisms to promote financing of small and medium-scale renewable energy enterprises, utilising the available and emerging modalities that are provided by CCREEE and C-SERMS Platform; Caribbean Development Fund (CDF); Caribbean Development Bank (CDB); and other actors in the CARIFORUM region such as national development and commercial banks, alternate financing sources including credit unions, diaspora, and other fitting and appropriate options (including those within the Dominican Republic).
Promote innovative financing models for RE and EE projects among key implementation stakeholders within the CARIFORUM region;
Build the capability of regional and national institutions, in particular the CCREEE, and promote their ability to provide independent short-term expertise, on demand, for technical studies for all kinds of RE/EE technologies, including solar, wind, biomass/biogas, geothermal, marine energy and other region-appropriate options. This could extend to, inter alia: i) sustainable mobility initiatives based on advanced vehicle technology and renewable energy sources; ii) grid integration and mini‑grids; iii) advanced energy efficiency solutions (e.g. smart buildings and control systems); and iv) interconnection solutions between different islands.
Facilitate transaction cost reductions for potentially transformative RE and EE projects, through the use of concept proofs, technology transfer, business to business exchanges, etc.


Interested should submit their application by 15th  January 2019 to giz.serviceskaribik@giz.de , please use the title “Sustainable Energy Finance Advisor”