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14 Aug 2019

Senior Legal Officer, Drafting, 11th European Development Fund (EDF), Project

Closing Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2019
For Information on how to apply for a job, view the Application Process document.

Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified nationals of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States and Associate Members of the Caribbean Community to fill the  above-mentioned position in the Caribbean Community Secretariat with assigned duty station in Guyana.


This position provides support to the Secretariat in the pursuit of the objectives of the Community with respect to advancing legislative work under the 11th EDF Strengthening Framework for CARICOM Integration and Cooperation Processes Programme, specifically relating to the financial, tax and investment policy cooperation component. The position involves the preparation and/or refinement of draft legislation and regional agreements in respect of financial policy harmonisation (namely securities markets regulation, credit bureaus, deposit insurance), investment policy and incentives harmonisation, double taxation and related harmonisation instruments. The position also requires the provision of legal advice on matters related to financial sector development including the formulation of a financial consumer protection regime and the modernisation of the financial market infrastructure in the Community.

The position is deemed to be effective, efficient and relevant when:

  • Draft Model Legislation in the areas outlined above is submitted to the Council for Finance and Planning (COFAP) and/or Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) and the Legal Affairs Committee for approval;
  • Draft Regional Agreements in the above areas are submitted to the COFAP and/or COTED and the Legal Affairs Committee for approval;
  • Technical consultations are effectively facilitated, and timely and relevant legal advice provided to the Secretariat and Member States in respect of the areas outlined above; and
  • Member States are provided with timely technical assistance relating to the drafting of legislation in the areas of financial policy harmonisation (namely, securities markets, credit bureaus, deposit insurance), the formulation of a financial consumer protection regime, a special resolution regime, the regulation of financial market infrastructure, investment policy and incentives harmonisation, and double taxation, including exchange of information for tax purposes and related harmonisation instruments.


Candidates should possess a LLB Degree as well as admission to the Bar of a Member State, with a Master’s Degree in Financial or Economic Regulation or Commercial Law or a related area of specialization and a postgraduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting, plus five (5) years of post-qualification experience in advising on and drafting legislation on economic regulations and/or financial policy and treaties. The experience gained should ideally be from any one or a combination of the following:

  • Office of the Attorney-General
  • Parliamentary Counsel Department
  • Finance Ministry or Central Bank or regulatory agency
  • International/regional organisation

In addition, candidates must possess the following:

  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Effective organisation and interpersonal skills


Under the direction of the General Counsel, the Senior Legal Officer, Drafting will be required to:

  1. CONDUCT legal research and analysis in respect of the Community’s agenda for advancing the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) and specifically in respect to those areas set out for draft treaties and draft Bills; 
  2. DRAFT new proposed model legislation (principal law and regulations) and treaties/agreements;
  3. REVIEW existing draft model legislation and treaties/agreements, identify gaps in legislation/treaties/drafting instructions, SEEK further drafting/policy instructions, where necessary and DRAFT appropriate amendments;
  4. SERVE as lead facilitator during national/regional consultations on draft laws, treaties or agreements or other legal instruments;
  1. MONITOR the completion of the legislative process with respect to the draft legislation or draft agreements;
  1. DRAFT legislation or amendments in specific areas for individual Member States;
  1. SUBMIT an “Individual Objectives and Performance Targets Plan” (annually) relating to drafting requirements under the Macro-Economic Component of the Eleventh EDF programme to the General Counsel for approval, after consultation with the Director, Economic Policy and Development;
  1. PRESENT quarterly forecast and progress reports to the General Counsel copied to the Director, Economic Policy and Development of work executed under the 11th EDF;
  1. ASSIST with developing the EDPTAR’s 11th EDF annual and biennial Work Programmes and Budget; and
  1. CONTRIBUTE to a positive image of the CARICOM Secretariat, at all times, in keeping with its core values.

In addition to the Activities outlined above, the incumbent is expected to perform other related duties as assigned.


An attractive remuneration package will be offered.


On assumption of duty in Guyana, the officer shall be paid a settlement grant in respect of self, his or her spouse and each eligible child or other approved dependent.  The number of dependents eligible for Settlement Grant shall not exceed six (6) persons.


Appointment may be on contract or on secondment from a Public Service or a statutory body of a Member State or approved regional organisation. It will be subject to such regulations, rules, orders and instructions as exist and as may be introduced from time to time in respect of service with the Secretariat.

An officer recruited from outside the assigned duty station, on first appointment, will be provided economy class air passages by the most direct route for the officer, spouse and children (provided they are below the age of eighteen years, unmarried and dependent on the officer) and for such other dependents not exceeding two as may be approved by the Secretary-General, provided that the number of children and other dependents does not exceed six (6) in all.

In addition to passages, the officer will be granted the following transportation allowances:

  1. ocean freight charges, including insurance, for shipping personal and household effects to Guyana, not exceeding 1250 cubic feet, plus a motor car (if the officer already owns one);
  1. the cost of transporting baggage, personal and household effects from the home of the officer to the place of embarkation and from the port of disembarkation to the place of residence in Guyana; and
  1. the cost of packing and crating personal and household effects.


The officer will be eligible for the grant of vacation leave at the rate of twenty (20) working days a year and a leave grant after every twelve months of service in respect of the officer, spouse and up to two dependent children.


The officer will be granted the privileges and immunities extended to officials of the Caribbean Community in accordance with Article 8 of the Community’s Headquarters Agreement with the Government of Guyana.


Subject to your acceptance by the Secretariat’s insurance carrier, Sagicor Life Inc., the officer will be required to participate in the Secretariat’s group health and group life and accident insurance schemes. With respect to the health scheme, the officer will contribute fifty per cent of the premium.  The life and accident insurance scheme is non-contributory.


An officer on contract shall, subject to his/her services being satisfactory and having completed at least six (6) months of the contractual term of employment be eligible for the payment of a gratuity. The gratuity shall be at the rate of twenty per cent of the officer’s basic salary, calculated for each day of completed service and shall be payable at the end of the officer’s contractual period (including for this purpose any period of extension or approved leave).  Where the appointment is on secondment, the Secretariat will pay to the officer’s substantive employer, over the period of secondment, a contribution not exceeding twenty-five per cent of the pensionable salary normally payable to the officer by that employer so as to maintain the pensionable status of the officer in the substantive employment.


The CARICOM Secretariat is improving its recruitment system. To facilitate this transition, applicants must create a profile by accessing the CARICOM Secretariat’s Employment Portal. The link can be accessed from the CARICOM Secretariat’s Website – www.caricom.org under the "Work With Us" tab.

In addition, applications in English Language with full curriculum vitae details, including nationality, date of birth, work experience, educational qualifications, summary of professional skills and/or expertise, language proficiency, list of professional publications, coordinates (including email addresses) of three referees (at least two of whom must be familiar with the applicant’s work), and other relevant information, should be addressed to:


The Director

Human Resource Management

Caribbean Community Secretariat

Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana

and sent by email to applnhrm@caricom.org

Note: Applications should be sent to applnhrm@Caricom.org