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24 Jun 2017
Second meeting of the Caribbean Association of Professional Statisticians
12:49–12:49 PM Paramaribo, Suriname Add meeting to Your Calendar

The association is a nonprofit organization and achieves these objectives inter alia by conducting meetings, and making available information concerning the science of statistics and its contributions. It also cooperates with other organizations in the advancement of statistics, and promotes high professional standards and integrity in the application of statistics, fosters education in statistics, and, in general, makes statistics of service to society.

The objectives of the association are:

to promote the contribution of statistics and its applications to evidence based decision making in the CARICOM Region;
to promote collaboration and discussion among professional statisticians
to be a forum for discussion on statistical matters
to promote the continuous training and development of professional statisticians
to encourage research as it relates to statistical methodology and its applications, and to publish and disseminate the findings
to promote a culture of statistical literacy, awareness and the general use of statistics in everyday life