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08 Sep 2017
16th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar
03:29–03:29 PM Bahamas Add meeting to Your Calendar


Opening address and Keynote address: Caribbean Imperatives for exploiting the 21st Century Internet


Welcome to The New World of Cyberspace


What’s Wrong with my Internet

This session will examine the limitations of Internet services that stymie entrepreneurial and technical endeavours. It will explore the issues of affordability and policy, legislative and financial impediments that prevent Caribbean citizens from realising the full potential of the Internet.
The presentations will be followed by a facilitated discussion in which ISPs and other ICT organisations will be asked to respond to the concerns raised.

Reflections of a Caribbean ISP

ISPs have the opportunity to respond the issues raised by the entrepreneur and technocrat and to speak to their plans, which will assist in resolving their issues

Cyber Security: The Clear and Present Dangers 


The Role of Governments


Building the 21st Century Caribbean Internet


Panel: The Operators’ Role in Building Secure Networks


Building Consensus on the Internet Imperatives

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ICT for Development