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St. Kitts and Nevis accommodate students from hurricane devastated countries

Posted in: Press Releases by kendol | 26 October 2017 | 3391

    St. kitts-nevis-pm harris
    St. kitts-nevis-pm harris

    We committed as part of our excellent support to our neighbours to accommodate students whose education had become disrupted as a consequence of the ravages by the two Hurricanes. 

    I am advised that, so far, some 72 students of preschool, primary and secondary school age are being accommodated in our schools from 7 countries namely: Anguilla (15), BVI (24), Dominica (15), the mainland USA (6), St Thomas (3), and St Maarten (9). 

    Of the 72 students being accommodated here, 35 are in our secondary schools, 34 are in our primary schools and 3 are in our preschools. 

    Additionally, 52 of these students have applied for and received assistance from our Social Services Department.

    St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas at a Press Conference on Thursday 26 October 2017