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Dominica beaten, but not down – Principal Adviser to PM Skerrit

Posted in: Regional News | 20 September 2017 | 1250


    Speaking on ABSTV/Radio via satellite phone, Mr. Henry gave an update on the widespread damage that the island suffered following a direct hit by Hurricane Maria on Monday. He described the situation was “very grim”.

     Communication on the island is minimal. All cell towers and telephone systems are down and will be for “a little while”, he said. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is currently using satellite phone donated yesterday by the French government and more pieces of communication equipment are expected later in the day, Mr Henry said.

    There is no electricity, nor running water. While the network of roads was not as severely damaged as originally anticipated, the housing stock was badly damaged or destroyed. Public buildings which were being used as shelters, were also damaged and many are without roofs. People were “sleeping under the elements because no roofing structure is in place”, he told the television station.


    Ronald Jackson @RHughJackson

    Dominica Initial situation overview indicates 70-80% damage to building stock, damage to hospital, roads and bridges.#hurricanemaria2017

    11:14 PM - Sep 19, 2017

    He said there was an urgent need for bedding and blankets, and roofing material.

    See second video above on Mr Henry’s update. Listen from around 1:04:00.

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