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Canada sending large contingent to CARIFESTA XIII

Posted in: Regional News by volderine | 16 August 2017 | 3523

    Canadian musicians ready for CARIFESTA (Photo via TorontoCaribbean)
    Canadian musicians ready for CARIFESTA (Photo via TorontoCaribbean)

    More than 66 artists, spearheaded by the Canadian-Caribbean Arts Network (C-CAN), are heading to Barbados for CARIFESTA XIII which opens later this week, the TorontoCaribbean media outfit has reported.

    “I am still pinching myself because at one point in time I had given up hope that it would ever happen,” confessed Rhoma Spencer, Artistic Director of C-CAN as she sat down for an interview at the Black Artists’ Networks Dialogue art gallery following a special meeting.

    TorontoCaribbean said that the contingent comprises a wide variety of Canadian talents, from a dynamic array of dancers to musicians and performances in storytelling and spoken word. Two artists will also be presenting academic papers at the CARIFESTA Symposia. Financing for the initiative is expected to come from public and private agencies, as well as from the fundraising efforts of the participating artists and organisations, TorontoCaribbean said.

    CARIFESTA XIII will be held in Barbados 17-27 August, 2017.