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Posted in: Communiques | 11 June 2005 | Release Ref #: 125/2005 | 1956

    (CARICOM Secretariat, Georgetown, Guyana) A Special Meeting of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Ministers responsible for National Security and Law Enforcement was held in Jamaica, 9-10 June 2005. The Meeting was convened to facilitate the dialogue between Ministers responsible for National Security and Law Enforcement and Law Enforcement officials and Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 on the security requirements and specifically the role of CARICOM and the CARICOM law enforcement agencies. Dr. The Hon. Peter Phillips, Minister of National Security, Jamaica chaired the Meeting

    In attendance were:

    The Hon. Justin Simon, Q.C., Minister of Legal Affairs, Antigua and Barbuda; The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley, Attorney-General and Minister of Home Affairs, Barbados; The Hon. Einstein Louison, Minister of National Security in the Prime Minister's Office, Grenada; Hon. Dr. Peter Phillips, Minister of National Security, Jamaica; Sen. the Hon. Calixte George, Minister of Home Affairs, Saint Lucia; Hon. Sir Vincent I. Beache, Minister of National Security, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Bahamas was represented by Mr. Mark Wilson, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Security and Trinidad and Tobago was represented by Ms. Joan Massiah, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Security.

    Delegates included Permanent Secretaries and other Senior Officers of Government, representatives of the Regional Security System (RSS), the University of the West Indies, The Technical Advisory Group to the Prime Ministerial Sub-Committee on Cricket and the Cricket World Cup 2007.

    In opening remarks, Lt. Col. Fairbairn Liverpool, Regional Coordinator of Drug and Crime Control, at the CARICOM Secretariat, welcomed delegates to the Meeting. He said that this meeting was seminal since it would consider the new regional crime and security architecture in light of Cricket World Cup 2007.

    In opening remarks, Dr. The Hon. Peter Phillips indicated that the Meeting of Ministers in May 2005 focused on the new security architecture for crime and security and CWC 2007. The Chairman pointed out that it was the first time in the history of the Cricket World Cup that so many states were hosting the event and that this posed unique challenges. He stated that the level of global threats to security in the Region has also added a new dimension of pressure and that this meeting would ensure the smooth running and ultimate success of the event.


    The Meeting received a status Report on CWC 2007 and the Master Security Plan from the CWC 2007 team including Mr. Chris Dehring, CEO, Mr. Derek Jones, Legal Counsel and Mr. John Collymore, Security Director.

    The Draft Master Security Plan presented to the meeting is consistent with the contractual obligation of CWC 2007 to the International Cricket Council (ICC). The framework encompasses minimum standards and international best practices aimed at achieving a consistent approach to security, service delivery throughout the tournament spanning eight countries (Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago.) CWC 2007 originally consulted with Local Organising Committees in each of these countries.

    Discussions focused on elements of the Master Security Plan and their implications for countries hosting the games and for the wider Caribbean. In this regard, it was agreed that a meeting of Customs and Immigrations officials will be convened in Barbados in early July, 2005 to deal with several items among which are, visa requirements and unified visa arrangements, immigration clearance standards, electronic transfer of information, policy on the movement of equipment, access to data bases for enhancement of surveillance of people and goods and public health and disaster preparedness regulations associated with immigration and customs polices.

    Intelligence Sharing

    It was proposed that in an effort to design an effective and efficient regional intelligence system, a meeting of an Intel group would be held in July 2005 and would pay attention to issues relevant to CWC 2007. It will also take into consideration the priorities for establishing CIMA as well as those identified by the Financial Intelligence Action Task Force.

    Port Security

    The Meeting noted that because port security is normally contracted out, there is need for Training and Capacity building of the relevant agencies not only with respect to the requirement for examination and safety of goods associated with CWC 2007 but also with respect to the coordinated approach to management at the respective ports across the Region.

    Disaster Management

    It was agreed that attention is to be given to Disaster Management especially that which is associated with the plying of cruise ships and their use as sources of accommodation for CWC 2007 spectators. In this regard, adherence to the ISPS code was advocated.

    National Risk Assessments

    A prerequisite to the development of security plans at the national and regional levels is the undertaking risk assessments. Some countries like Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago have drafted risk assessments. However, it was agreed that in developing their risk assessments countries should involve all stakeholders and designate a senior official as a focal point. It was also agreed that the Regional Security Coordinating group as part of the new Regional Framework for Crime and Security should act as a clearinghouse for the National Risk Assessments and a pivot for the sharing of information among countries.

    CWC 2007, which is involved in risk assessments, was requested to ensure that the consultants assigned to this task should liaise with the Regional Security Coordinating Group and the National Focal points.

    Sunset Legislation

    The Meeting was briefed on the draft ICC/Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Bill. The draft Bill was drafted by the CARICOM Legislative Drafting Facility (CLDF) and submitted to three successive meetings of the Committee of Chief Parliamentary Counsel (CPC) and is intended to be a model.

    It was agreed that the draft Bill be tabled and discussed and refined at the meeting of the Sub-Committee on Harmonisation and the Legal Affairs Committee to be held on 13 June 2005 in Guyana.

    Special Unit

    The Meeting agreed to establish a special unit within the new framework for Crime and Security to act as a "one-stop" policy formulation entity and to function as a conduit between CWC 2007 and the Governments, paying particular attention to decisions of the Ministers of National Security and the Heads of Governments.


    The Meeting commended the Government of Jamaica for the excellent arrangements for the meeting and in particular, appreciated the chairmanship of Dr. The Hon. Peter Phillips.