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Energy Programme


In April 2008, The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat commenced the Energy Programme as one of the programmes within the Directorate of Trade and Economic Integration (TEI). The Energy Programme was assigned the responsibility of implementing a programmatic approach to energy sector developments in the Region. This establishes a departure from the mere projectized approach and aims to facilitate greater responsiveness in carrying out the energy related Community’s mandates as well as fostering a more harmonized approach to energy issues. The Energy Programme is executed by the Energy Unit within TEI.


The overarching Goal of the CARICOM Energy Programme is increase regional energy security and advance the transformation of the Region’s energy sector towards a more sustainable energy developmental path (through the implementation of a regional energy policy and a regional sustainable energy strategy), thereby playing a catalytic role in regional economic integration, economic growth and development.


Some activities under the Energy Work Programme are to:

  1. Finalise and Implementation of Caribbean Community Energy Policy
  2. Enhance Trade and Investment in the Regional Energy Sector
  3. Advance Sustainable Energy Developments and Climate Change Mitigation - Including Development of a Regional Sustainable Roadmap and Strategy
  4. Assist Member States in establishing Energy Policy Framework
  5. Facilitate greater coordination of Energy Initiatives in the Caribbean Community
  6. Mobilize resources to support CARICOM Member States
  7. Implement Sustainable Energy Projects

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