The Conference of Heads of Government, also known as the Conference, consists of the Heads of Government of CARICOM Member States. It is the supreme Organ of the Caribbean Community and determines and provides its policy direction. In addition to this function, it is the final authority for the conclusion of Treaties on behalf of the Community and for entering into relationships between the Community and International Organisations and States. The Conference is also responsible for making the financial arrangements to meet the expenses of the Community, but has delegated this function to the Community Council. Decisions of the Conference are generally taken unanimously.

The Chairmanship of the Conference is determined by a six-monthly Rotation Schedule – 1 January-30 June and 1 July-31 December – approved by that Principal Organ. The decision to establish a Rotation Schedule was taken by the Conference at a Special Meeting (October 1992, Trinidad and Tobago).

See Rotation Schedule

The Conference meets at least twice per year – in the first quarter for its Inter-Sessional meetings and, as far as possible, from 4 July for its Regular meetings. Special meetings are held as may be proposed/necessary. The Inter-Sessional and Regular meetings of the Conference are customarily hosted by the Head of Government who holds the Chairmanship of the Conference at that time.

The Heads of Government of the five Associate Members also participate in the Conference as Observers.