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Memorandum of Understanding between The University of The West Indies and The Caribbean Community Secretariat

Common Name: MOU for Institutional Co-operation between UWI and CARICOM Secretariat


The Parties agree inter alia, to conclude bilateral arrangements in order to promote and facilitate the level of collaboration between them required to provide leadership in regard to regional and international issues critical to the repositioning of the Community in the emerging liberalised and globalised environment; and pursue joint co-ordinated actions to enhance the capacity of both institutions to attain their common objective of ensuring the economic growth and social development of the Member States in the emerging global economic and social order.

Date opened for Signature: 2004/02/11

Date of accession


Date of ratification


Resolution /Withdrawal:


Entry into Force:

Entered into force on February 11, 2004. According to Article IV this MOU shall enter into force immediately upon the date of signing.