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Caribbean ICT Roadshow

Caribbean ICT Roadshow

Website: http://www.ctu.int/index.php/about-the-ict-road-show

Areas of Work

Caribbean ICT Roadshow works in the following areas:

CARICOM Institutions

The Caribbean ICT Roadshow has been developed to raise awareness within the public sector, the private sector, civil society and academia, of the innovative approaches possible and necessary for the effective use of ICTs in government, business and social development.
The Caribbean ICT Roadshow

The CTU is working collaboratively with its members, partners and other interested organisations and institutions to deliver a programme designed to educate and demonstrate the transformative power of ICT innovation.

The programme, dubbed the ICT Roadshow, takes the form of a series of country visits across the region, designed to foster a spirit of innovation in the development of ICT-based practical solutions, to raise awareness and to encourage harmonization of efforts in the adoption of ICT solutions for inclusive economic and social development.

The theme, Harnessing the Power of Innovation - the engine for ICT-enabled development, is reflective of the objectives we are achieving.

The CTU invites Caribbean governments, organisations, institutions and individuals with an interest in ICT innovation, to partner with us by supporting and participating in this Caribbean ICT Roadshow Initiative. Support of this event would be a tangible demonstration of commitment to innovation in an ICT-enabled transition to knowledge-based economies and societies.

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