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11 Jan 2018

Senior Project Officer (Bilingual), Resource Mobilisation and Technical Assistance (RMTA)

Closing Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018
Candidates should possess minimum professional level competencies equivalent to and including the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, International Relations, Social Sciences and/or the Humanities plus a minimum of five (5) years’ relevant experience working in a similar environment. The experience should be multifaceted spanning: economics and financial analysis, project design and development, and project management and regional interventions. Ideally the incumbent should gain his/her experience from one or more of the following:
  • A regional or an international agency or bank
  • A multi-national/donor organisation
  • A relevant public sector entity (Ministries/Statutory bodies)
  • A large private sector organisation
  • A project unit in private sector firm
Candidates must also possess specialised training and good working knowledge in:
  • Spanish
  • Project Development and Management


Under the direction of the Director, Resource Mobilisation and Technical Assistance, the Senior Project Officer, Bilingual, Resource Mobilisation and Technical Assistance will be required to: 
  • TRANSLATE incoming correspondence from IDPs from Spanish into English, and translates/facilitates the translation of key outgoing correspondence from English into Spanish;
  • PREPARE draft briefing papers on policy issues and the priorities and concerns as they relate to CARICOM/IDPs Cooperation;
  • DEVELOP and/or APPRAISE technical assistance proposals and project documents and PROVIDE comments and technical advice on how to improve them, as well as practical support to the Programmes where necessary, to improve the documents;
  • PROVIDE technical support and guidance to the Secretariat personnel in regard to IDPs Cooperation policies and procedures, other sources of assistance and approaches to secure such assistance;
  • ASSIST in the preparation of detailed project documents, work plans and budgets for presentation to funding agencies;
  • REPORT on progress of the project portfolio on a quarterly basis and makes recommendations to the Deputy Programme Manager (Projects) for appropriate corrective actions.
  • MONITOR expenditure of the individual project’s budgets and advises on how adjustments could be made, where required.
  • ENSURE that project closure reports are prepared in accordance with IDPs guidelines
  • RESEARCH and REPORT on new and emerging opportunities for securing resources to fund the region’s priorities.
  • REPRESENT the Secretariat’s Resource Mobilization and Technical Assistance Section at project reviews and prepares reports of these meetings.
  • PERFORM other duties in line with job function as assigned by the Deputy Programme Manager (Projects), RMTA.

Note: Applications should be sent to applnhrm@Caricom.org