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16 Jun 2017

Programme Manager, 10th EDF Drug Demand Reduction, Human and Social Development

Closing Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2017
Candidates should possess at least a Master’s Degree in Development Studies, Project Management, Public Administration, or a related field from a recognized institution plus at least five (5) years of experience in one of the following Institutions/Bodies/Organisations:
  • Drug demand reduction
  • Illicit drug management institution/Council
  • Regional/ International Institution for illicit drugs 
  • Crime and Security management institutions
Specialised certified training and good working knowledge in:
  • Project planning, monitoring and evaluation. 
  • Drug Demand Reduction Strategies (Prevention Education, Treatment and Rehabilitation, Harm Reduction).
  • Addiction and therapeutic interventions.
  • Crime and violence Prevention.
  • Research and social policy development.
Under the direction of the Coordinator, Drug Demand Reduction, 10th EDF CARIFORUM Crime and Security Cooperation Programme the Programme Manager, 10th EDF Drug Demand Reduction will be required to:
  • PROVIDE technical leadership for the implementation of the Project; 
  • MONITOR project implementation and PROVIDE timely advice on  implementation  challenges to facilitate speedy resolution; 
  • PARTICIPATE in the process for selection of consultants;
  • SUPERVISE consultants engaged to undertake activities;
  • INITIATE action and LIAISE with the ministries responsible for national drug councils/drug demand reduction programmes, national, regional and international agencies, NGOs, and other relevant institutions, in order to facilitate ownership and ensure involvement of their staff   in the implementation and or monitoring of activities as relevant;
  • CONSULT with the relevant collaborating/implementing agencies of the wider 10th EDF CARIFORUM Crime and Security Cooperation Programme, special reference to the DNC in the DR and the Crime Prevention Component, in order to ensure that the activities are carried out in a coordinated and complementary manner;
  • PROVIDE technical input for the development of programmatic interventions and the conduct of training workshops; 
  • MONITOR and CONTROL expenditures and ENSURE adequate management of the resources provided for the project in keeping with EU/CARICOM guidelines;
  • MONITOR dissemination of information relevant to the project;
  • PREPARE and PRESENT quarterly progress reports on the implementation of the project to the Coordinator, DDR, 10TH EDF CARIFORUM Crime and Security Coordination Programme for submission to the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), the Project Steering     Committee (PSC) and the European Union Delegation;
  • COORDINATE and SUPPORT formative and summative evaluations;
  • PREPARE the relevant documentation/documents for the closure of this Programme Estimate (No. 1);
  • PREPARE, for approval, draft Programme Estimate No. 2; and
  • CONTRIBUTE to a positive image of the CARICOM Secretariat, at all times, in keeping with its core values.
In addition to the Activities outlined above, the incumbent is expected to perform other related duties as assigned.

Note: Applications should be sent to applnhrm@Caricom.org