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16 Jun 2017

Finance and Administration Officer, Human and Social Development

Closing Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2017
Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Management or Accounting or related disciplines plus at least five (5) years of relevant and equivalent level experience gained from working in one or more of the following:
  • A regional organisation.
  • An international organisation.
  • A government agency.
  • A multinational corporation.
  • A national/regional private sector organisation or non-Governmental organization (NGO).
Specialised training and good working knowledge in:
  • Time Management
  • Team building
  • Effective verbal and written communication
  • Project Management
  • IT applications for office administration (MS Office, basic accounting applications etc.)
  • Events Planning and Management
  • Human Relations and Customer Service
  • Records Management  
  • Budgeting
Under the direction of the Coordinator, Health and Human Development the Finance and Administration Officer will be required to:
  • DRAFT inputs for briefs, reports and presentations and correspondence as directed by the Coordinator, Health and Human Development;
  • RESEARCH issues under the  project;
  • ORGANIZE and SCHEDULE internal meetings convened under the project ensuring that, among other things, arrangements related to venue, notification, documentation are properly addressed;
  • UNDERTAKE rapporteurial functions at meetings as directed by the Coordinator Health and Human Development;
  • ENSURE that reports of meetings are completed and distributed in accordance with agreed distribution lists and within the agreed time frame;
  • DEVELOP, IMPLEMENT and MAINTAIN a database of all documentation in relation to the outputs under the project, including all correspondence, reports, accounting information and contact information;
  • ESTABLISH and OPERATE mechanisms to monitor the trail of correspondence, directives, decisions and all other forms of communication under the project;
  • MAINTAIN an efficient system for filing of all correspondence relating to the project ensuring easy retrieval and security of the system; 
  • LIAISE/FOLLOW UP with the CARICOM Finance Programme to monitor  expenditure against budget lines under the project;
  • ASSIST with any budget changes and the accompanying justification arising from programming changes;
  • UNDERTAKE all administrative and preparatory work in obtaining the necessary approval to support the financial arrangements for travel e.g. approved TRs, MSRs, etc.;
  • PREPARE travel requests and travel claims forms for signature and submit to the appropriate Accounting Officer in a timely manner;
  • ENSURE and PREPARE for payment approval in timely and accurate manner for services rendered under the project;
  • MONITOR to ensure that the financial, administrative and procurement      standards established by the International Development Partners (IDPs), the EU and Secretariat are adhered to;
  • PREPARE and COORDINATE financial and technical reports to be submitted to the European Union Delegation and other internal stakeholders in a timely manner;
  • PREPARE expense claim reports emanating from meetings and ensuring that relevant supporting documentation is provided [e.g. attendance records];
  • LIAISE with Finance on any audit matters;
  • ASSIST Finance with the preparation of cash forecasts to support the funding needs of the project; and
  • PERFORM any other relevant duty from time to time in keeping with the functions under the project as assigned by the Coordinator, Health and Human Development.

Note: Applications should be sent to applnhrm@Caricom.org