Celebrating Girls in ICT, 2014


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Celebrating girls in ICT (PR 83/2014)

Caribbean Women in Animation
As we celebrate ‘Women in ICT Day 2014’ often we forget the many different aspects of ICT that onnects our creativity. In the area of animation the technical goes hand in hand with the creative therefore an animator must work closely with the writer illustrator and director. The writer or director must also understand the dynamics of the technology so as to write effectively to fit within the limits or capabilities of the software. Global statistics for women in animation shows that there is a gender gap that is slowly closing. In the Caribbean we are not immune from these statistics. At the University of Trinidad and Tobago the intakes between 2008 and 2012 for the Animation Diploma programme showed around 90% males applied compared to 10% females. However in 2013 there was a 100% increase in girls applying to the programme. As programme administrator for Animation department at the University, I can state that this increase was not by chance. We identified that there was a gender gap within the programme and deliberately went out to garner the interests of girls in technology. Several strategic symposiums were targeted like the Microsoft DIGIGirlz programme where we presented to audiences of girls, the exciting opportunities for them in animation . Learn more

Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival

Animation Studies in the Caribbean
There are a few agencies that offer short courses in the basics of animation, like the Barbados Community College in Barbados, YTEPP Limited and Full Circle Animation Studio in Trinidad and Tobago. The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) offers annually a Diploma Course Digital Media Studies – Animation. Read more

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Fragment from Eye on the Future: Youth and ICT
The advance of technology in the world today is constant. Youth are the early adopters of these new technologies showing the rest of the world what is possible and creating new ways of communicating, connecting and doing business. Language is also changing; no longer are communication tools referred to as mass media but rather social media, cell phone have been replaced with smart phones and desktops with tablets. Youth are tech savvy, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and another social media are among the tools in their tool kits. In the CARICOM region young people are progressively interfacing with enhanced technological devices to provide greater opportunities for education, employment and connectivity. Read more

Featured Girl in ICT

Sonya Yacob

I would say my interest in IT was first sparked after writing CXC in high school. IT was the only subject where we could get behind a computer and have some fun, rather than writing endless notes in our notebook. After pursuing business studies at the New Amsterdam Multilateral School in Berbice, Guyana, I immediately enrolled in computer science at the University of Guyana (UG) Berbice Campus where I learnt the basics about IT.
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